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Attractive, versatile post frame buildings are built by our sister company, Olympic Buildings. Since 1975 Olympic buildings have dotted the landscape in Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario. Often referred to as ‘Post Frame’, ‘Stud Wall’ or metal buildings, this construction method allows extreme versatility and customization. All projects are completely engineered from top to bottom and all include plan preparation and complete project management.




THE ‘BACKBONE’ OF THE OLYMPIC POST FRAME BUILDING. One look and you know it’s great. Fantastic strength and solid design. The time-tested Post Frame Super Truss. The extradeep, natural-braced shoulder, the heavy top and bottom chords, the additional web members, the precision fit, the special sure-grip connectors and selected lumber give it “muscle” to spare. Designed by professional engineers, this truss is built for Canadian loads. Here is strength you can count on!

steplockcolumnconnection-75x300STEP LOCK COLUMN CONNECTION

The special step lock connection between the laminated wall column and foundation column gives continuous beam strength and rigidity. This solid bearing, overlapped connection cannot hinge or pivot. It allows full preservation treatment of the foundation timbers without detracting from the natural good looks of the interior wall column. This interlocking connection is located near the zero moment of the column where no wind stress exists.


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