The possibilities are endless when you’re working with wood trusses for floors or roof systems.

Designed specifically for your project, Nu-Fab is a leader among fabricated and engineered wood product suppliers. Many commercial projects can save money by using wood instead of metal trusses. In addition to saving money, using a renewable resource will help reduce the carbon footprint of your project and give you the freedom to be as creative as you dare. Our designers are innovative and experienced with commercial, residential and large scale agricultural truss applications and are committed to achieving your desired outcome.

Nu-Fab, along with its parent company, All-Fab, has 6 locations across the prairie provinces, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta. Shipping your product to your location is never a problem, we ship into Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and many U.S. destinations.

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Roof Trusses

  • Our professionals have extensive experience with thousands of building projects following a wide variety of building codes. All of our customers benefit greatly from this deep and rich experience. We are experts at optimizing architectural form (appearance) with engineering principles (durability).
  • Our advanced design software and our computer-controlled manufacturing processes ensure accuracy in measuring and cutting.
  • Our quality control systems ensure absolute precision in production, assembly, inspection, and delivery.
  • Our roof truss packages are designed for ease of set-up and assembly. We have worked extensively with leading framing crews across Canada and the United States to develop our techniques.
  • Our technicians manufacture superior roof structures under a rigorous quality control system to ensure product integrity and durability. We have extensive knowledge and experience in designing roof systems for all types of buildings such as long span trusses for agricultural buildings, complex residential and commercial roof systems. We are confident that our roof systems will allow your building projects to be completed faster and easier.
  • Buildings often require long span trusses, 70 feet or greater in length, which pose significant risk to installers. The dimensions and weight of a long span truss can create instability, buckling and collapse of the truss if it is not handled, installed and braced properly. Long span trusses can be installed safely and efficiently if done properly. Watch this long span truss installation video for more information.
  • Nu-Fab Building Products specializes in the manufacture and production of engineered roof and floor systems.

Truss Information Sheets

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Technical Information (PDFs)