Q. What is an RTM?

A. RTM stands for Ready to Move. This term refers to a house that is constructed at our site and moved to your site upon completion (not to be confused with a mobile home or modular house). Typically our RTMs are fully finished (except paint) and once on the foundation, require very little to complete.

Q. Why should I choose Nu-Fab to be my RTM builder?

A. At Nu-Fab we do everything we can to gain your confidence by treating you honestly and fairly. We aim to eliminate surprises, and share as much knowledge with our customers as possible.

Our RTM employees and contractors work directly for Nu-Fab and they have a long track record in the industry which minimizes time delays in waiting for trades. As well you will find fewer delays with material supply because Nu-Fab is a manufacturer of joists, trusses and stairs as well as a trusted supplier to many homebuilders.

Nu-Fab Building Products has been serving Saskatchewan and Alberta for over 30 years and we are a division of All-Fab Building Components Inc. who has been serving the builders in Manitoba for over 35 years. With more than 300 employees in 6 different manufacturing plants across Western Canada, we know building!

Registered members of the National Home Warranty and Canadian Homebuilders Association.

Q. What are the advantages of buying an RTM as opposed to a house built on site?

A. Convenience – If you decide to buy a Nu-Fab RTM, you will have one contact for every question or concern. This eliminates the need for you to speak to various trades.

Cost Control – Because we build your RTM in a controlled environment, we minimize theft, material delays and travel time costs. This helps keep the cost of your RTM and total project down.

Time Saving – Building an RTM with Nu-Fab saves you time. Your foundation contractor can start on your foundation while we build your home. Typical on-site builds can take anywhere from 12 months and longer. If all of your post-move work is well co-ordinated, you should be in your new RTM in 6 months from the time you sign the contract.

Quality Control – We have a dedicated site supervisor that oversees the construction on our RTMs. He does not spend his time driving from site to site. He spends his days on our yard, ensuring the quality that goes into your RTM is what you’d expect it to be. The tradesmen we use are extremely proud of the quality of work they produce and it shows.

Q. I want to build a cottage, can you build it as an RTM?

A. We certainly can. More and More people are finding great value in having their summer vacation homes built as RTMs. Finding qualified and reputable builders and contractors who have the time to take on your project is becoming more and more difficult in today’s housing market, especially when your site is in cottage country! The only important thing to know is whether your site is suitable for moving a house in.

Q. Will you build me a custom RTM or do I need to choose from your plans?

A. We have standard plans you can choose from. These standard models can also be modified or we can design a custom tailored plan that will accommodate your needs.

Q. Will the walls crack during the move?

A. Every RTM will experience some minor cracks in the drywall during the move. These cracks are cosmetic and do not affect the structural integrity of your home. Once your house is on the foundation a time will be scheduled to come out and fix the wall cracks.

Q. Who builds my foundation?

A. We leave the choice of foundation contractors up to you and we recommend that you hire a professional engineer to design the specifics.

Q. What do I need to do once my RTM is on the foundation?


  • Install the electrical service and possibly the electrical panel.
  • Install the heating system.
  • Finish the plumbing system (below joist level).
  • Install the septic and water services.
  • Install basement stairs and exterior stairs.

Q. What type of warranty do you offer?

A. We are a member of the National Home Warranty Program. Nu-Fab and the NHWP provide you with a 1 year workmanship and material warranty and NHWP provides the 5 year structural warranty. Also most of the products used in your home will come with additional manufacturer warranties.

Q. Are the houses inspected as they are being built?

A. We are a CSA approved RTM builder. CSA has a strict quality control program that we must adhere to. The on-site construction supervisor also conducts inspections on a daily basis.

Q. I would like to add a deck or sunroom to my house, can this be done?

A. Yes, depending on the size and location of the deck or sunroom, it is possible to build it together with the house. If it is not possible to build the structure on our site we can certainly provide you with the materials and know-how to build it yourself.

Q. I’d like to finish the interior of the house myself, is this possible?

A. We have an option to build your home to a Drywall/Insulation stage and this will then allow you to do all your interior finishing but you will also be required to do electrical, plumbing, etc.

There is another option for those folks who are handy and that is our panelized homes. Panelized homes come with all the walls pre-built and coded so all you have to do is follow the instructions and fasten the walls together. All the panelized walls are built in a factory so there is no weather constraints.

Nu-Fab Options – Completion Stage, Drywall/Insulation Stage or a Panelized System.

Q. What happens if the RTM falls off the truck or is damaged during the move?

A. The movers we recommend are the best in the business and are fully insured. We’ve yet to have an RTM incur serious damage during the moving process. The customer is not liable for the home until the home is placed on the foundation.

Q. How much does an RTM cost per square foot?

A. Square foot pricing is an accurate estimate for the customer when building an RTM but depending on the changes to the specifications and the home you will see variances. Each customer is different and will request changes and/or additions and therefore each home is priced individually. Our sales staff can give budget numbers based on current square foot pricing.

Q. Is it expensive to move an RTM?

A. Moving costs will depend on the location of the move and the size of the RTM. Most moves within a reasonable distance will be approximately $8,000 – $10,000 and go up from there according to distance but if you compare buildng on-site to buying an RTM and having it moved, you will find that you save money.

Q. Can I choose what products go into my home?

A. Yes you can. You are not limited to our standard specifications. If there’s a specific product that you’d like to see used in the construction of your home, please let us know. Our Sales Consultants can work with you to help you find the right product for your application.